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Day Fifteen/2: Churches, a Little Devil and Cancer Full Moon

Yesterday morning it was rainy and windy. However, later the rain stopped when we left for a visit of the city of Lübeck. Lübeck was an important trading town in medieval times, with a number of churches and towers with green rust covered tops.

We parked our car near the Petrikirche and entered the huge nave: a high, white room at the end of which two Japanese violin players gave a concert – the sounds beautifully echoing through space.

The church from medieval times had been bombed in World War 2 and later reconstructed. It now was a place open for religious, cultural and social activities of all kinds – a real open space in a sacral ambience.

We took the elevator up the church tower to the platform from where you have a beautiful view over the city:

The old town hall with the market place

The Holstentor

Later we descended again and went over the market place over to the Marienkirche. In front of it there a little devil sitting on a stone:

A plate told the story of this devil:

During the construction of the church the devil joined helping the construction and so the work went on very quickly. He was so cooperative because he thought that a tavern was being built. When he came to know that it was a church he got very angry, rose into the air, got a heavy stone and wanted to destroy the church. He was about to throw down the stone as a craftsman saw him and told him, “Better wait, a wine tavern will be constructed just in front of the church and thus many people will come and go there.” And so it was: Just on the other side of the road there is an old wine tavern which is well frequented. And the devil was happy about it…

We turned around the corner and came to the shop cum café of a famous Lübeck marzipan manufacturer. In the shop window there was the model of  New York city buildings and the statue of Liberty done with Marzipan.

The Empire State building with reflections of the old Townhall of Lübeck

The Statue of Liberty

Street café, all done with Marzipan

We bought a marzipan elephant as a gift for a friend and then went home.

In the afternoon we went for a one hour drive to Hamburg to meet the little WTT group for Cancer Full Moon meditation in the centre of the city.


A little angel on the window sill in the house of our Hamburg friend

A little Ganesha statue blessing on the meditation table

Afterwards we had a beautiful dinner together prepared by our friend

Afterwards we read extracts of the chapter on Cancer in Spiritual Astrology by Master EK and then talked about the qualities of Cancer as the different persons experience them. Speaking about sensitivity the talk came to the reactions one has when others are judging about oneself or about friends. My wife told an experience she had with a coach who said to her, “When someone else is talking bad about a friend of you, what does this have to do with your relation to this friend? You don’t have to let yourself be touched.” By just staying aligned to your soul and not letting get drowned into the judgements of others you don’t get wounded by their words and the repercussions they otherwise have in the surroundings.

At the end my friend took some photos of my wife and me, and my wife wanted that one is put on the blog, too – something I normally don’t do. So here it comes.

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  1. Judy Says:

    A very dear ,long time friend was born in Lbeck but made her life with her family here in Western Canada, where we met. She talked lovingly about that town and now I am able to see these very recent beautiful pictures, what a grand old Hansa Town. so beautifully rebuild.

    Finally I get a look of the couple who send us the much appreciated “Lunar Messenger….Happy people, just as I envisioned you…. Thank you !

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