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Vaisakh Festival: A Video

Though the precise moment of the Wesak (or Vaisakh) Festival is over since 2 hours I would like to post a Spanish video from YouTube showing scenes of the festival in a valley near Mount Kailash. For long times this festival related to Taurus full moon and the reception of sublime spiritual energies had been regarded as a mythological event reported about only by clairvoyants, but here you see Tibetan people celebrating it very much like described by Leadbeater or Master DK.

A friend also sent me the link to a film, “Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet“; the author who made the video describes his journey to the Vaisakh Festival, there are nice pictures on the site. Here are extracts on YouTube.

I only came to know later that at Vaisakh full moon this year there was the celebration of 2600 years of the Buddha’s enlightenment, with world-wide festivities.

Painting after a drawing in a book of Charles Leadbeater:

Vaisakh Full Moon at about 5 am seen from the veranda

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  1. Kaali Krishna Says:

    Thank you for sharing a very good video.

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