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Prayer to the Planet 11.0 – Lessons in Humbleness

A very impressive rap video-clip (in German), by “Thomas D.”: “Gebet an den Planeten 11.0 – Lektionen in Demut” (Prayer to the Planet 11.0 – Lessons in Humbleness). Even if you don’t understand German, there are fantastic scenes with animals and nature. The album was published yesterday.

3 Responses to “Prayer to the Planet 11.0 – Lessons in Humbleness”

  1. v v b s Murthy Says:

    Greatly great! It requires lot of patience to picturize, lot of persevearance, lot of effort for making out this five minute video. One has to “dip deep” to understand this – the depth is so immensely great. I express my sincere regards to the person and the group who made this for their theme in their minds, for the thought in their minds.
    Its all HE who has given that insight to all of them.
    Thanks for sharing the same.
    with kind regards

  2. Margarita Says:

    It´s a fantastic video, Thank you very much for sharing


    ISHAVASYAM IDHAM SARVAM, thus proclaims the Isavasya Upanishad meaning everything in this world belongs to the Creator and to Creator alone.Man in his Greed becomes possessive and becomes a hoarder and arrest the flow which the creator has created.Let us all enjoy the creation by being a pure witness rather than taking the possession of things and destroying the nature for the selfish need

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