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Guru Pooja Impressions

Since a week now we are in India at the seminar and the 3 day “50 Years Guru Pooja Celebrations” of the World Teacher Trust, which ended last Thursday.Guru Poojas are done in honour of the great spiritual masters – at this place every year in January and some more at other places

Time is so filled here that I don’t find much time to blog… And when I wanted to send my notes to the groups, the server of the mailing list didn’t work. By now the provider found out that someone has intruded into the server and deleted the infrastructure, so that it has to be set up anew – also the mailing lists (my backup of the list is some month old…)

Besides that we have a very beautiful stay here in India – with a group of 47 members from the West. It’s now for me the 11th time here, but I love it still. It is always like a family meeting with inspiring exchanges with friends some of them we meet just once a year here in India.

Last Sunday, the day before the start of the Guru Pooja we visited the old temple of Simhachalam. There in the Sactum Sanctorum a lingam (oval-shaped symbol of the Divine) is worshiped with a little ritual with camphor and Tulsi leaves. Focusing on the inner I could feel the uplifting vibrating energies of the place.

A waterfall on the way through the forest back to the vailley

On the compound of the Guru Pooja the preparations for the celebration were in full swing. Members of the Indian brotherhood were setting up the altar, fixing lights, prepareing meals in huge pots over open fires. The joyous ambiance of Guru Pooja was spreading all around.

I’m not going to report here in detail what was going on there during the 3 days. Those who are seriously interested might ask me for the seminar notes. You can see some pics here.

Fire ritual last Tuesday morning

A final view of the tent-hall before leaving.

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