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Winter Impressions

Winter has the country in its strong grip. Through a snow and ice-storm we arrived two days ago in North Germany, and all the roads are covered with high snow. Walking into the town of the place where I spent my childhood I helped three times pushing cars to get running. Today, Christmas morning, I will meet an old friend with whom I lived together a number of years during the times of my studies. We had “wild times” together. In the meantime he has become a professor of literature, but somehow he remained young in his heart. Whenever I meet him we have a long walk and exchange what has happened over the years.
The two last weeks in Switzerland I took a few winter pics with enchanted impressions.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree in the evening sun

Artificial solstice – a black sun hanging between the trees of the park

Villa Mettlen with a christmas tree in the park

Snow balls and black sun

Sun on a stone pile

Enchanted garden

Fountain of light and black sun

Sinking gardens (work of art)

Donkeys in the snow

Setting sun over a farmyard

Christmas scenery at a farm entrance

Santa Claus at the farm entrance

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