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“Sharing makes happy” – Sharity

Today at my office I received a link about a very fascinating campaign which run in the City of Frankfurt / Main (Germany) from October 1st to 31st, 2010: FRANKFURT TEILT (:) (Frankfurt shares). The project with the motto “Sharing makes happy” encouraged citizens and business-people from Frankfurt to share part of their money, their ideas or their time with people in need. More than 100 corporates and thousands of people joined in. Every participant could decide himself what he wanted to share. A beverage company gave away a bottle to people in need in Romania and in German flood areas for every box of mineral water sold in Frankfurt, another citizen sold old things on a flea market and bought with the money nursing cushions and child’s seats for a child hospital in Frankfurt. Not only money was shared, One person offered to work for a week at a reforestation project in Switzerland.

On the website, a blog (play on words with share and charity) with the motto:  “Sharety is the belief in Tomorrow” and “We love to share” as well as in social networks like Facebook everyone could make is commitment visible to others and thus encourage friends also to share something from their lives. On the website Spirit of there is an online book about “Spirit of Sharity. Eine neue Philosophie des Teilens” (Spirit of sharity. A New Philosophy of Sharing) – also with a “Register of the most important expressions”, explaining why sharing is a good means against egocentricity.

The campaign was very professionally organised and the organisers limited the project on a month. Thus they reduced the pressure for the participants not to bind themselves with long-term committments, and at the same time they increased the pressure for those who did not yet participate. This way the campaign became a discussion topic all over the city. Here you can read in German some lines about the project – making sharing visible.

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  1. Krishna Says:

    Very nice concept for the first time i heard this workd sharity( Sharing Makes happy) by listening thsi i also thought that may be that is how the word might have come into existence…very nice article

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