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Rishi Agastya: A Little Miracle and Some Stories

A friend sent me the following photos of a little miracle Rishi Agastya made some days ago (1st september 10). Rishi Agastya is a sage being with the earth since times immemorial. The first photo shows a poster of Rishi Agastya in the home of seven young devotees:

In the second picture taken during prayers Agastya is then captured opening his right eye:

My friend wrote: “He keeps an eye upon his devotees…” A rishi, being a “seer” looks inside, and from the inside out …

You might read a bit about Agastya in the book by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar: “The Aquarian Master“, which is about Master CVV, being from the ashram of Agastya. Agastya is also called Master Jupiter, the eldest member of Hierarchy, and there is some thing about him also in the book about “Jupiter“, where it says:

“The Master Jupiter is the Avatar of Synthesis who presides over the Aquarian Age. He conducts himself with the triangular force of Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter. He is called the Master of the Nilagiri Hills (Blue Mountains) in the Theosophical Society. He is called the great Sage Agastya in the Vedic tradition. He is the Master whose abode is in Sirius, whose functioning place for our earth is the Blue Mountains of South India. Agastya is the great sage and is the counterpart of the 7 seers of the Great Bear.”

Last week I came across a transcription of a seminar given by Sri Kumar in the Nilagiri Hills in 1996 about Agastya, Master Jupiter. He said that Agastya is very different in profile and in appearance from the other Masters of Wisdom: Whereas Lord Maitreya or Master Morya and Master Kuthumi are described as being of a tall stature, having long hair and a beard, Agastya is small and a bit round, radiating smile, of a golden-yellow complexion, bald-headed without any hair (unlike the presentation on the poster…), being dressed scarcely with a lungi, never wearing anything else. He has great, round eyes, is often traveling with his disciples and loves to cook and to serve. Through serving food he likes to spread himself into the people and thus to adjust any imbalances in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. In his spiritual activities he never treads any trodden paths, but gives new trends and directions, being full of freshness. His live is always accompanied by will, spreading be-ness and presence. He is very humorous and his teachings are very powerful, but nevertheless humorous, thus uplifting the people.

In the scriptures there is the story that once a group of disciples in the Himalaya had the questions who is the one fasting most, and Maitreya told them, “It is Agastya, he never eats.” They wanted to see Agastya and went to him. Agastya said: „Observe me for three days.”
They were very surprised to see him cooking, eating and serving. He was not missing any meal, and every meal was from our standpoint very excessive in its quantity. After three days the group asked: „We have not understood your way of fasting.” He answered: „Insofar as you don’t feel that you are eating, it is fasting.” He does not think he is eating. He lives in tune with the universal consciousness and in such a tune-up the food is given to all the elementals around him with himself as the channel.

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  1. sébastien Says:

    feedback much appreciated relating to those infos about Shri Maha Rishi Agasthya…
    may be you remember that i visited a little Agasthya ashram down in the Nilgiris… it happens that the guru is on facebook… i spoke with him and he gave me 2 mantras. The second, as he said is the Moola mantra of the Seer… As The Nilgiri Ashrama is said to be working with Mooladhara and the form aspect…
    I’m slowly also working with it along with CVV invocation…perfect combinaison for me…

    it goes like this :OM SIM VUM AM UM MAM VAM agatheesayanamah
    ” is moola mantra wich is little special mantra, this is called theetcha mantra, inagathiar theetchavithi book written by agathiar”
    Namaskaram MASTER

  2. sébastien Says:

    “Agastya is (…) described as being small and a bit round, radiating smile, of a golden-yellow complexion, bald-headed without any hair (unlike the presentation on the poster…), being dressed scarcely with a lungi, never wearing anything else.”

    If we considere that” Therefore Master CVV is also regarded as the Avatar of Synthesis. He is said to be an incarnation of the sage Agastya, who is also known in the Theosophical circles as Master Jupiter” …

    When we look at his present form, we see that Master CVV is without any hair and wearing only a lungi… According to the need of this age, he must have a 7th ray physical body giving him a taller and thinner aspect that in his previous form… (small and a bit round, radiating smile reminds me of the nice form of Shri Ganesha (without the elephant head of course…), Ganesha being relating to Jupiter… that is another name he has…

  3. s.venkatesh prasad Says:

    I will read story of OM Agastya is very fine

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  5. jain manish .nashik Says:

    Agasti maha muni wash great.he wash my guru.i love them


    sir, I am very intering to know more about sri Agasthys Maha Muni. Pl some some miracle stories of Agasthya muni. Also give small mantra if any to chant every day with his Photography for which I shall very grateful to you sir. after receipt of the same pl. reply me.

  7. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Sir
    Thank you very much for your lines. I cannot offer you miracle stories – and these are not in the centre of the work.
    You find some hints
    I did a painting where I integrated some hints to his work. He is said to be the eldest of Spiritual Hierarchy. I read some stories from the Puranas, from the Indian children comics you get in most of the Indian bookshops. There is one about Rishi Agastya. You can make a search in the book “The Aquarian Master“, by Dr. Sri K. Parvathi Kumar (make a search for “Agastya”, this writing, not with th), about Master CVV, who is a seniour disciple from the ashram of Agastya Rishi. It says that his ashram is in the etheric, in the Nilagiris, at that place which I described in my blogpost here (Kodanadu Viewpoint). There is a beautiful story about Rishi Agastya in the book “Man Sacrifice”, by Master EK, the beginning of which I gave in the presentation of the book. I might collect one day for a Lunar Messenger the many incidents where Master KPK spoke about Agastya. As per miracles you might read this blogpost on Trailinga Swami or make a search for him. An extraordinary being.

  8. Sagar Says:

    Agaustya rushi gave prabhu ram arows to finish the Rawan , and he is non other than Mahavishnu

  9. jagdish panchal Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have to say it’s an extraordinary and extremely information, More i did’t say,
    I hope more deeply reading in subject.

  10. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Jagdish
    Yes, Rishi Agastya is a very great and sublime helper of humanity. You might read more in the little text about him in the Lunar Messenger X/8: Agastya:
    or here:

  11. Bhaskerjeyaraman Says:

    What is curse of sage agasthiya regarding medicinal herbs

  12. Rakesh shrivastava Says:

    sir, I am very intering to know more about sri Agasthys Maha Muni. Pl some some miracle stories of Agasthya muni. Also give small mantra if any to chant every day with his Photography for my family well being & children”s health. which I shall very grateful to you sir. after receipt of the same pl. reply me.

  13. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Sir

    As I wrote before in answers to blog-comments, the miracles are not in the centre and the essence of the work of Rishi Agastya. However, you might read the “Grace of Siddha” series from where I get their weekly mailings. These are adventures around the person reading the Agastya nadis.

    I have uploaded for you here and here two images in high resolution of Agastya Rishi which you might use to print out or get as a photo.

    A mantra given by Agastya is OM SARAVANABHAVAYA NAMAHA, you can read more about it here: and listen to it here: You might offer your prayers to the feet of the Lord.

  14. Victoria Kensley Says:

    St Agastya has made himself known to me and spoken to me. He has led me here…..why i am not sure. I need to learn some mantras and know more about him please

  15. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    I will reply to you via e-mail

  16. manisha Says:

    I have read somewhere it was written on the door tula august rushinchi shapath what does it means why people write like this.

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