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Visit of Sri Kumar

Today at noon Master KPK (Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar) and his son Sekhar came to our house for lunch, together with some group members. We had a very nice time together. I was again fascinated to observe how he spoke with the group members, giving his full attention and uplifting presence. After the meal we took some group picture in the garden and sat for a while in the sun. A little later they left again to go to Zermatt, where they wanted to pass the night at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Half an hour later we got a phone call: A bag with some belongings had remained in our living room; so I took the car and went off. I met them again in Spiez  and joined them for a cup of tea at beautiful place on the board of the lake Thun. We said good-bye, but only for a short moment: Next Tuesday will start the group living for autumn equinox in Kandersteg. Friday I had already been there to bring the flowers for the altar to the hotel.

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  1. Natascha - Vijaya Durga Says:

    How funny are the games the Great Lord Time is playing. Life unfold her Secrets only to that Great Lord!
    When I think that at the age of 16, in 1979 I met Master E.K. Two years after I was in India. Kumar was in the situation Shekar is now and Master E.K. was at the place of Kumar. It was in Brussels, in Liège.
    I did not follow Kumar in the traditional way, it is my Soul who followed her Path. One day I was walking in the region of Luzern, in the mountians and at once I saw Kumar with our spanish dear friend. It was not a dream! It was Destiny.
    Now since almost 25 years I am living in Ticino and my job requires me to travel to VS and Zermatt of course. It looks like although I follow my own Path my footsteps crosses always the ones of Kumar.
    I am sure that people are linked for ever.

    I wish all of you in the group to receive as much as I received!

    Vijaya Durga, from the White Lotus Group

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