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“Lotus of the Soul”

Last weekend a new painting came, called “Lotus of the Soul”. You can download here the high-resolution version or see it in the gallery “Images of Synthesis”.

The symbol in the middle is Sanskrit for OM, the primordial sound. The picture is inspired by lines of Sri Kumar from The Teacher, N°. 46:

“In the previous attribute the spiritual permanent atom was spoken of. It is the centre of the electric blue beyond which there is the seeming nothingness which expresses as the subtlest point. This subtlest deep blue point expresses like an electrical blue. Beyond this is the Absolute Existence and this blue point is the primary emergence. A Self-realized one anchors in this point and remains blue. Sound and light remain its attributes. This is the threshold between seeming nothingness and apparent something. It is the point of emergence of Existence as awareness. It is the trill, the first spur that emerges from which all apparent existence comes through. In scriptural terminology this is called the cosmic centre. It is from this centre, from out of the deep blue, other manifestations happen. After this blue there is the manifestation of red and yellow. As explained earlier when man enters into subtle fields he first encounters the golden-yellow light followed by orange and later aquamarine and then blue.
All this can be experienced in the heart lotus which is four-layered. The heart lotus is but four triangles placed one above the other in different directions. It appears like a twelve-petalled lotus. The four triangles appear with their angles as a twelve-petalled lotus. The outermost triangle carries the light of golden hue. The one interior to it carries the light of aquamarine. The next interior triangle shines forth with the colour of blue. The finer, the most interior triangle carries the colour of deep blue.
All these four triangles are connected through the centre like a rosary. Through the centre of the final triangle it leads to seeming nothingness which is everything. Through the central channel the energy beyond flows and takes to different sound notes and colour notes.
When one enters into this central channel he listens a naturally vibrating sound which is like OM. It is OM unuttered (Anahata). Uttering OM is only to orient to the unuttered OM. The culmination of all utterances is into deep silence, and in that deep silence the eternal sound is to be heard.”

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