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Dealing with Spiritual Practice

Since some months I am in contact with a serious seeker. He is asking profound questions concerning the teachings, and I have sent him several books of the WTT. He recently wrote:

“Reading through the books I have had to put them down for now, I simply cannot follow the eastern way of life, as a parent and with my duties, whilst not impossible, I could not follow to the letter, nor would it be practical to carry round an orange book all day (as suggested by Master EK in Spiritual Psychology)! I think I have to accept for now, it’s not practical to even consider following the suggestions. If I got up at 4.30 am for a start it would cause problems for the rest of the house. …
So I have to really rule these things out. The book on ‘Healing‘ is much in the same vein of ‘you should be doing this and that’ – again: Simply not possible.
It’s a shame there is no teaching school in England I could attend, It would be great to learn and practice many of the mantras and live that way of life. Even if briefly. I would like to meet the master in person, but this is out of my hands.”

I replied: “I had to smile when reading your lines, about ‘I cannot follow the eastern way of life’, and all the regulations … Neither can I nor do I know anyone who can follow all this bunch of regulations – it would simply be an overkill.

When going to a supermarket, you don’t eat all the stuff you see there. So it is also with the ‘you should do’s’ in the books and the teachings – these are suggestions, proposals. There is very little being the very core of the teaching: The morning and evening invocations, observing the silence afterwards (or better: just staying inside, when there is no inner silence  🙂 ) and doing good will activities, trying to see the One in all.

The rest are ‘tools’, guidelines, aids on the way. So don’t overeat, it will cause indigestion: ‘Keep it simple and stupid.’

As per the orange book, I keep it at my meditation place, and when some thoughts come, I try to put them down. Sri Kumar has it in his briefcase. He once showed it to me at Zurich airport and read out a dialog he had written into it in the morning:
“Master, why is it always raining when I come to Switzerland? – It is because there are so many emotions to be cleared”…. 🙂

Wherever you connect with the Master and the teachings, you are in the teaching school, wherever it is. Sri Kumar calls it “mobile ashrams”. It is not a physical structure. These are old-way concepts thinking of schools to go there, learn a lot and practice there…. Your house is your teaching and learning school.

Of course, it is very great and uplifting, when you get the occasion to meet the master physically, but when it’s not possible, what’s worthwhile grieving, it doesn’t help. Better be practical and make an inner ‘phone call’ to THE MASTER, asking him. When the answer does not come from the channel you expect it look out if the answer comes via other channels from the cosmic inner-net or other outside sources. What is inside and what is outside? What is not the Master’s channel?”


3 Responses to “Dealing with Spiritual Practice”

  1. sébastien Says:

    it reminds me about those desires/cravings for perfection that are a 6th ray tendency.A stressfull tendency i would say.
    At last, it bothers and doesn’t fullfill what it seeks!
    it brings dellusion and sorrow.

    I’ve been saved from this illusion of perfection by an other concept : impeccability.
    very well developped in Castaneda’s books as a teachnig from his indian mentor, it was just about to jump on it for me at that time.
    Being impeccable means that for every situation, you have to do your best but nothing else. The (spritual) warrior is just to do what he can, truly, honestly,accepting also that is on progress. In this manner, he finds his humanity and also his will of desire: that is perfectionable and workable.
    Some time you’re weak and as a warrior, you don’t have to shame to step back or accept it. analysing the situation that is unfair for you.
    Sometimes you can do better. That’s ok also…
    So what! We’re in the Matrix! it’s all about gaming!
    Since then, i don’t seek success or perfection, even the logos is not and also the rays with wich we work are not!!!!
    I seek to be impeccable, for me! and also gentle in my impeccability that should not be also striving for a perfect impeccability!!!!

    It’s kind also of tricking the trick???

    Anyway, everything changes all the time, conditions, parameters, planetes influence and so. Let’s face it. We’re not master, we tend to be! Let’s Chill and breath!
    we just have to Turn On, Tune IN, drop Out and play the game the best we can and improve our skill in the game.

    Namaskarams Masters… that help in the game!!! 🙂

  2. lotus Says:

    Few days ago i read the topic ‘New group of world servers’ in ‘Ponder on this’ by Alice A Bailey. It makes life simple, just like you said.

    Thanks & Namaste.

  3. gyaneshwar Says:

    MOVE with will & peascence

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