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Morning Mood

The last two days we visited friends in a village near Einsiedeln, who just have moved into the house of family members who are out of the country for a while. The beautiful villa is lying on a mountain crest overlooking the lake Sihlsee with a fantastic panorama. Here are some photos from yesterday’s morning mood of the rising day.

From the road over the mountain crest called “Storm Height” you can look into both valleys, on the one side the village of Egg and on the other the lake with Einsiedeln and the famous abbey on the other:

The village of Egg

Dawn over the lake

The Einsiedeln Abbey on the other side of the lake in the middle of the picture
A little later after sunrise

With a rowing boat on the lake, the sun’s reflection dancing on the water

A little spiral near the window

Lilies in the living room

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  1. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    Great Places! Mother Nature is so careful about her children. Along with Earth the Nature also joined together and given so much to the people on this earth. I think other than this planet no where we could see such a beauty. We the people for our selfish endeavours spoiling the nature and causing ourselves great troubles like “ozone” effect; pollution of earth and nature by various means, which do not have any remedial measure despite putting all efforts as the damage has already been done. So friends send the message with loud voices to all, not to spoil the mother Earth and Nature.

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