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11th of August: Birthday of Madam Blavastky and Master EK

11th of August we celebrate the birthday of two great Messengers of Light: Madam Blavastky (1831) and Master EK (Ekkirala Krishnamacharya) (1926). Their leonine nature expressed in the strength and endurance they walked the path. Master EK depicted the qualities of Leo in Spiritual Astrology in a most profound way. Here are some lines picked from the book which beautifully characterise the nature of these two great beings.

“Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac. All the people born under Leo are essentially noble, straight and loving. The sign represents the conquest of obstacles and ‘ruling’ a kingdom. There is the element of a fighting nature in Leo. Fighting for law is motivated by a nature to protect one’s followers as well as the weaker. This means love nature.

His is the word of love, which controls and helps the transformation of the fellow-beings.

Leo is said to govern the heart. The heart is the seat of love and this love-nature is only governed by Leo. The spirit of service and a constant outpour of love-nature upon his fellow-beings functions through the Anahata-chakra.

All people born under Leo have this love-nature. They have protection for their fellow-beings as their motto.

Healing is a form of service and an expression of protection in a higher sense. The art of healing belongs to Leo. Love and protection of his fellow-beings places a man in the role of a ruler. Leo is called the king of signs. The highest position of the ancient sage of the spiritual path was to be a king-initiate (one who protects, controls and raises one’s fellow-beings through one’s love). There was a period when the rulers of nations were high-priests. They conducted initiations. In this capacity, the ruler is called the father of the people. The relationship between the ruler and the ruled is that of a father to his sons. ”

Master EK

Madam Blavatsky

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    We are proud of having such spiritual personalities. Salutations to them.

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