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A Fairtrade Language School

Last week I came to know about a very innovative and inspiring initiative, “Fairtrade Language School”,, developed by some Germans. On their site it says:

“During a research trip to Eritrea focussing on social entrepreneurship the founder of Glovico – Tobias Lorenz – realized that after decades of traditional development cooperation we should look for more technology-based and innovative ways to allow developing countries to prosper. Looking for entrepreneurial solutions to tackle worldwide poverty the idea was born to initiate intercultural dialogue and generate income at the same time. Tobias started to wonder: Who could teach languages better than native speakers? In this way Glovico tries to realize a vision that combines entrepreneurship with social change.”

Glovico offers “Study with native speakers from Latin America and Africa via Skype and do good at the same time. You get affordable, convenient language lessons and provide additional income for some, who really need it: that’s Fairtrade 2.0!”

On Glovico you can learn Spanish or French or become a language teacher. If you are not satisfied with a lesson, your money will be reimbursed…

Glovico is a Social Business, i.e. the main mission is to offer entrepreneurs from Latin America and Africa the opportunity to earn additional income through teaching their mother tongues. At the same time Glovico promotes inter-cultural dialogue. It is important for them to remain independent from governmental money and to finance themselves. Learn more about it through the following video or on their site.

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