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The Path to the Soul Through Healing

This weekend we were at a seminar with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in the little village of Altheim, Germany, on “The Path to the Soul Through Healing”. There were mainly members from the local WTT-group of Lake Constance. Again it was a deep and fascinating meeting. Sri Kumar spoke about life energy, dealing with obstacles and how to remove them with the age-old path of yoga. Here is a short extract of my notes, from yesterday’s end of the seminar.

“Once we have become the soul which we are then we say, I AM the soul. I don’t have the soul. I have the soul is like having a shoe sole. Never say, I have a soul: I AM the soul. The truth is, I am the soul. It is so true when you go through the related modifications through the practice of yoga. That is why when you see the writings of initiates they say healing is the functioning of the soul.

The discipline for healing and the discipline of yoga are the same as I explained yesterday in the morning. When you are in the realms of yoga you are already a healer. But when you realise the soul as yourself then healing happens, teachings happen, direction happens. The required guidance happens. A true healer is not only a healer. He is as much a teacher and as much a guide to guide the beings to the soul. This is how there is a journey to the soul through healing, and on the journey of yoga healing is a present.

All yogis are healers of high standard. In the meanwhile we need not get discouraged of our intention to heal. But the optimum healing can happen when you realise yourself as a soul. And also if not you have not yet reached the optimum level of healing. It is of a lesser quality. Initially without going through the modifications, when you think of healing it just remains a feeling. There is more feeling about healing when we are not adapted to the process. When you adapt to the process you slowly understand what healing is. Then healing is an effortless functioning when the soul functions.

In the presence of those who function as souls healing continues to happen and many times the fruits are not immediately realised, only in the review it is seen. A transformation has happens when they have met such a person. They change for the better. What is good, what is better? The more and more you feel peaceful and tranquil and less and less in agitation. It is a state of betterment. This kind of work we all have to do when we think of healing.

The ability firstly to gain a stable mind, which is called Dharana, and setting that stable mind upon the light to grow near to the light which is called Dhyana, and then becoming one with the light which is called Samadhi. Once this step is achieved, through all the channels of the body the soul energy flows, even through the senses the soul energy flows. When the soul energy flows through the senses it is a total accomplishment of healing.

It is in that state when you touch a person, he is healed. When you look at persons there is transmission of healing energies with the sight. And when you speak healing energies are transmitted. Through touch, sight, speech and generally through your hands, the energy passes. Then you are called a free flowing soul energy.

We have initially compared him to an ever flowing river. Your connection is with the universal soul, the flow is eternal. There is no such thing as draining of energy. You don’t get weakened through the healing. As much as you let out the energy so much you get filled again. That should be the goal set for healing. That is also the goal of yoga that you remain a free flowing energy without any blocking, any congestions, and you do not suffer the constricts of concepts. You are not stuck by concepts. At the same time you do not destroy other existing concepts. You flow over them. That is how the work happens in a very smooth manner.
The flow is unconditional. Wherever it is smooth, there the healing and the enlightenment happens. That is how we have to understand the field of work relating to the noble action of healing. What I explained, the 3 steps of contemplation, meditation and at-onement, these are the 3 steps worked out in him. The step before is pranayama. It is a process of stepping within. From without to within. And the step before that, relating to yama and niyama and asana, it presents the regulations to objective world. Three are regulations that help you to move in, the fourth is the process of moving in, the fifth is engaging within, the sixth, sevenths and eights are the occult practices. When they are accomplished there is a free flow within and outside.

To move out and move in is easy. Nothing hinders to move in and to move out. Then the life flows as a river without hindrances and it joins the ocean. These are the few thoughts I expressed in these seminars. It is a presentation of the path in a nut shell, it is the path to the soul. Thank you very much.”

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