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A Group Living in the Pyrenees

Yesterday we flew via Geneva to Barcelona, where group members of the World Teacher Trust from different countries were arriving. Several buses then transported the people to the Pyrenees. At the feet of high mountains we entered into a mountain train. Through a beautiful rock scenery we went up to about 2000 m height to NĂºria, an old pilgrimage centre, where the group living is going to take place. in a valley surrounded by high mountains, at a location without cars.A group member made a quick shot of the scenery with his iPod and posted it on YouTube.

Here are some lines from my notes of Dr. Kumar’s opening words yesterday evening:

Apart from living our individual lives we are developing the consciousness relating to humanity and the planet. A part of our being shall be dedicated to the well-being of humanity as a whole. Individual welfare no one needs to tell us how to work for it, but it has to be in tune with the bigger centre called humanity. Humanity is one centre, individual is another centre. The correlation between these two in terms of activity is what is to be worked out. Personal conveniences, personal profit, personal growth can have to be subservient to the well being of the surrounding beings and the group. The groupal welfare shall have to be in preference to the individual welfare, only then there is the related initiation of transformation.

Thinking of self-good only is no good. Common good and cooperation for common good makes the individual attune to a greater plan. Man has always been self-centred, he has to orient to the bigger centre called humanity, and next step into it. That is the path, from individuality to group consciousness and from group consciousness to that of humanity as a whole.

When we read or listen, it looks so nice, but when it comes to action we are worried about personal health, personal economics and personal growth. It is all just self-centred. The self-centred person cannot grow. Sacrifice of self-centredness is what is seen as sacrifice. Not worry too much about oneself, but towards those who are around oneself. Group in preference to individual growth. This cooperation can be expanded from the individual to the family to the group, to the bigger group and then ultimately the one group called humanity. There is a gradual expansion through release from self-centredness. The circumscription shall have to be obliterate. We remain ourselves and move forward. Let us have this basic recollection which is the basis of the group activity…

This morning started with a fire ritual and then we had an inspiring start of the seminar. For me these group livings are always like family reunions. The main purpose, however, is to go into deeper levels of silence and to come more into contact with the energies of the subtle worlds and aligning ourselves to them.

2 Responses to “A Group Living in the Pyrenees”

  1. Melodie Says:

    Thank you for sharing your ythoughts and words if wisdom, Love and Blessings. Melodie

  2. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    Dear Friend, Good Evening on this Great day of 27.5.2010 Full Moon Day.
    Blessings of Master be showered on all of us.
    Here 2 things I wish to write:
    1) the Homam performed by Master KPK – this takes me back to abut 20,21 years back where in Visakhapatnam the very first time I got the opportunity of moving with the Master and attending the daily prayers in the morning/evening 6 am 6 pm and then participating in the daily Homam. The Homam in particular has a very vibratory effects on all of us and it takes us thru its glory all our lives. The Spirit of Fire completely inspire and enter into every cell of the partcipant.
    2) the video remembered me the scenic beauty of Darjeeling, Mirik, Gangtok and Yangthang of Arunachal Pradesh. Such wonderful places to live the lives to the fullest.
    Its so nice of you to make me recapitulate the past.
    thanks and with warm regards,

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