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Today the sun enters into Gemini. In Gemini the energies received during Aries and Taurus are being distributed to humanity, to be used for activities of good will. The picture below shows this reception of energies from higher spheres and distribution. Gemini is a mental sign with a lively energy, and its ruler is Mercury, whose glyph you find on the right side. On the left sign is the glyph of our earth, which is specially related to Gemini and the development of a right use of mind through humanity. You can download the painting here in a high resolution in case you want to print it. And here you find the Letters on Spiritual Astrology, where there are some on the deeper meaning of Gemini.

15 May 2010: Gemini – Distribution

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  1. turpin Says:

    mersi monami sa tombe bien car je suisgémeaux je suisbneele 3 06 57 a meruet sa serais bien que tu me traduise la page en francais car moi pas omprendre langlais bisous a bienot

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Tu peux utiliser la traduction automatique de Google:

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