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New Moon: Dispersing the Ashes

Today was Ascension Day and Taurus new moon, standing for dissolution and new beginning. It was a good day for dispersing the ashes from the cremation of my mother-in-law. We went with our family to the place we had found last Sunday. It was again a cloudy day, the right ambiance for this occasion. It was a very solemn and enchanted ambiance, when the camphor fire and sandalwood incense were burning and the ashes were dispersed on a rock, while we intonated some mantrams. Here are some impressions from the place, the ceremony and the surrounding.

3 Responses to “New Moon: Dispersing the Ashes”

  1. Mitra Says:

    Beautiful shapes in the flames of camphor. And is that a meditating man’s face shaped on to the rock in the photo right below the ones with camphor flames? The natural rock formation is very interesting!

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Yes, the rock formation caught my attention because it looked like a guardian of the mountains overlooking silently the valley. We did the ceremony right on the top of his head, before having noticed the face. You often find such shapes in the rocks.

  3. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    the flame taken shape steadily and stealthly, marvellous. Its as if the spirit is travelling to the heaven thru the route of fire, I can say the entire area is equipped with great spirits or great sages invisibly all around.
    Splendid and wonderful. The efforts taken in that photography is truly superb and the rock resembling the shape of human face also eye catching and its like the presence of a Master there.
    thanks and regards

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