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Spring Impressions

Last Tuesday I participated in our department management retreat, where we worked out the principles guiding our work. The meeting was in the Study Centre Gerzensee of the Swiss National Bank. It is located partially in a Château surrounded by a beautiful park overlooking a lake, with a fantastic view of the Alps in the background. I took some shots of the springtime ambiance in the park.

The idyllic impression got a dissonance, when a biting smell came from a terrace below the front, where a gardener  in a  protective suit covering the whole body and a big gas mask was spraying poison over the rose trees – calling me brutally back into the present day environmental pollution.

A horse statue galloping through the garden. The horse is a symbol of the vital power of the fiery signs of the zodiac, where the head represents Aries, the body Leo and the tail Sagittarius.

The satyr Pan playing his flute in the garden and evoking the flowers from out of the earth

Enjoying the horn of plenty

An Easter egg on the top of a fountain

The fountain of fresh energy

A fountain in front of the Château in the sunlight

A mighty tree in the garden

Spring ambiance under a tree

Alley leading to the lake

The garden of the little Château, the seminar centre

An old cannon in front of the entrance, with a spiral inside

Magnolia bud

Fishes enjoying playing with water, with the Alps in the background

3 Responses to “Spring Impressions”

  1. turpin Says:

    bonjour mon ami a tu bien dormi c’est tres beau la nature est fite magnifiquement domma ge de la massacrer moi je respecte la nature car jaime bien la naturepasse une bonne journee et a bientot bisous

  2. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    The efforts put in taking these photographs were immensely great.
    The art of photography shown is excellent. The scenic beauty of Mother Nature and its surroundings, the sculpture mixed both nature and articifial, magnificiently.

    Keep it up and keep going keep sharing.

    thanx and regards,

  3. Melodie Says:

    I love Switzerland. I have Swiss German family and spend a lot of time there travelling around on the train system with a Swiss Rail pass. That is the cheapest way to travel in Switzerland as you can use the trains, buses, trams, boats and coaches for free. Not to mention getting free or a discounted ticket on many of the mountain trains and cable cars. The cost of transport is very expensive and the ticket more than pays for itself over and over. These are beautiful pictures, that area of Switzerland is extremely scenic by train, we always take that route at some stage when we are there. Thank you. Blessings. Melodie

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