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Synchronicities and Kundalini Serpents

I’m often astonished about synchronicities in events. Since one week I could not publish any news on the entrance page of the intranet of my office. We tried to find out the cause, but neither the technicians nor the web-team could get it run again. One technician of the agency who had set up the system was in hospital, another was away with other duties. Speaking with the responsible person I told him that we have come to the conclusion that there must be some gremlins in the system who come out during the night doing mischief… We have to wait until next week if they find out another cause

At home I then encountered problems this week sending mails and operating the group coordination mailing list. Mails did not get out, were stuck on the server. I yesterday had long telephone calls with the provider, it first seemed that we go the problem, but I later realised that not yet. He is working on it…

Furthermore the mails of the hotmail subscribers of the blog were returned – Microsoft found another “interesting” way of spam protection, thus blocking legally subscribed mails. In the return-mails they give a link to their “live”-postmaster page, where you get into a labyrinth of questions and answers – however, it seemed that my case is not described there and the “link” to the troubleshooting contact in case none of the answers helps was dead (at least in the German version of the page I could see). Moreover, they offer for commercial mailers a “Sender Score Certified-Programme” for quite some bucks – and there is no category for anything like free spiritual newsletters and blogs – a dead end with the Microsofties. I did not find a solution with them nor did I find a contact address… At least I now changed the mode of sending mails from the blog, hoping that now these mails get through.

An American friend and astrologer wrote to me this morning: “You will have to call a conference with Mercury, Mars and St. Isidore, patron saint of the internet, computers, technology and of farmers…” And yesterday she told me: “As Mars now moves forward (from its retrograde), things will begin to even out. Mars (activity, intentions, etc.) is still slowly trying to catch up with its retrograde degree… also, Mercury just left Pisces… as it’s now in Aries, that will help.” May the planetary energies be favourable!

Another, less troublesome synchronicity was the topic of serpent power – also the one of our planet. The last weeks I had been encountering in several instances the “serpent” or kundalini power – in images of imagination, talks with friends, symbolism. Last week I even painted a picture (which I don’t want to publish yet) about a “serpent flower”. And 3 days ago I got a letter from a German artist who had just come across the Good-Will website writing (in German):

“As a gardner I culture the joy with the nature and in it to have a dialog with the earth. A dialog which sometimes gets me take fire with the earth fire (earth kundalini, I call it earth serpent). It is a meditation lasting since years, about the root ways of the plants, which according to my experience aways grow very purposefully into the heart of the earth. Having a dialog with this mystical space, the heart of the earth, is very dear to my heart.”

Aslepios, the great healer, with the “earth serpent power” in Epidaurus, 2005.

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  1. s├ębastien Says:

    for technicals and computer problems in the matrix i would rather call for the fire of Shivatronic!!!
    He’s rulling on internet since some cyber babas are praticing some cyber tantra and praying his grace to flow through the web and the digital beats in a sincere devotion…
    It’s like a ganga rivers of datas that is blessed by the Lord Shivatronic that reaches who is connected…
    He’s purifying slowly but surely the web from it’s bullshits… And the Light is linking every computer in Cyber Shiva space…
    Let his Light enlighten my Mac and every thing that gets away from it!
    Om namah Shivaya!

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