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Cow Trains, Mountain Crests and Bathing in Sun and Clouds

Today my wife and I made an excursion into the French part of Switzerland, about 70 km away from our home. We wanted to go for a hike on the Moleson. On the way, after leaving the highway, we came into a traffic jam, which became more and more stagnant, until we saw the reason why: There was an “Alpabzug”, a cow train back into the valley from the mountains, where they had staid over the summer. Young and old farmers in traditional costumes were accompanying the beautifully decorated cows:


Most of the cows were wearing big bells producing a loud ringing.

All the roads were blocked and the cars had to stop for several kilometers.

Finally we could go on to the downhill station of Mount Moleson (2002 m). The sky and the air around was full of clouds, and we wondered how it would be on the top. At first a funicular brought us half way up, then we changed into an aerial cableway. On the way up suddenly we came through the clouds and saw a beautiful blue sky.


After lunch we started our downhill tour along a beautiful mountain crest.


On the way clouds from the valley mounted up and crossed for a while our way, caressing us with a tender breeze.


Along the way: carline thistles


The whole way downhill was filled with a golden light, an enchanting atmosphere full of beautiful impressions and a good talk.

At the midway station

Magic light over the top of the Moleson, from the middle station

On the way back at a highway service area: another kind of a cow train

And more rotating cows in a work of art inside the service station

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