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Dealing with Confusions

A few days ago I got an e-mail from an acquaintance from another country, with whom I had stopped correspondence some years ago. He asked me if I already heard that 2012 there would be the end of the world.

I answered him that I had heard about these rumours and that I already had outlived several ends of the world in the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies.

He then replied with a long e-mail telling about a book of David Icke, which would make change the world, about extraterrestrials in reptile bodies, about illuminati conspiration, ufos, and the background of weakening humanity through the separation of sexes. He asked my opinion about it – I doubted it was my opinion or if it was convincing me. So I answered him that long times ago I had read about such theories and that I don’t care about them any more, wishing him a good way through the clouds.

He then answered with a longer e-mail about the infiltration of governments and that my indifference shows obviously that the extraterrestrials already have implanted a microchip into me, controlling my mind, or that I’m one of them. There followed some more explanations about the work of the ETs and their dangerous efforts towards 2012 and that the masses have to be awakened, and for this, men and women have to be re-united again, because we have been separated against our wills through the work of the ETs.

I replied that as per the separation of sexes in the human race I more follow what the Masters of Wisdom are teaching. He answered that I seem to support the existing reality, that humanity is divided and controlled by the will of an extra-terrestrial race and that the teachings of the Masters are also part of their intrigues, as per the policy of “divide and conquer”. He wants to fight against this and that the horrible separation between man and woman has to be overcome. Then followed lines about his great love of a TV-star, being his soulmate.

I won’t answer anymore. I somehow feel helpless towards such mental constructs and confusions. You can express your sympathies with an errant brother, but how to help finding out of a maze of speculations? Maybe there is some truth in some of these thoughts, and maybe I’m blinded by conventions – but so what? I have stopped trying to stumble through lofty chimerical theories and prefer walking my steps through my next neighbourhood of thoughts, letting me guide by the light of my soul.

Buddha meditating in the night – in the garden of friends

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