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Diving back into the Outer World

The last day in Munich, the next to last day of our journey, was a dive back into the “outer world”, in different regards: After 12 stages of the journey and 20 visits at houses of friends from our spiritual movement, we stayed for the 21st visit with friends of the family of my wife. They were warm-hearted doctors, but living in a quite different world. So we didn’t speak about our background or our journey, but about different general topics. We slept and meditated in the basement, surrounded by used books, toy railways and other artefacts of memories, in a stagnant energy. It reminded me of the souls stuck in matter, suffocating and somehow crying for the light of the spirit. At the second day I also had a lively talk with the daughter of our friends, who is working at a video art installation place in an underpass in the center of Munich.

Toy train in a show case

During the day we enjoyed strolling through the center of Munich, where we were astonished about the many Muslim women walking around through the hot summer streets in black robes, with covered heads, wearing gold chains and rings. Later our friends told us that each year in August there is an “invasion” of people from the Arab world coming for shopping and holidays to Munich, enjoying the leisurely and safe atmosphere of the city.

We, too, enjoyed it, looking into some shops, having lunch and tea time there and doing a bit of sightseeing.

A fountain at the Marienplatz in the center of Munich: Fighting with serpents and dragons – or integrating the dark with the lightful side of life.

Aquarian plays: children enjoying a fountain in the center of Munich

On our way back to Switzerland we reflected on our tour: It has been the most intense summer holidays we ever had, filled with so many impressions and exchanges, observations and insights. We meditated together with many different groups, where all were following the same spiritual line as we do, but where the individual expressions were quiet varied. We had exchanged about the lightful and the darker sides of life, about crises and transformations, about aspiration and commitment to the path. We experienced many individual worlds from close in a very short time. We were richly showered with presents of warmth and openness and felt very grateful for this.

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