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Beauty of the Himalayas

Today I came across two beautiful videos about the majestic beauty of the Himalayas. The first is showing impressions of a flight over an unaccessible mountain range with a sublime music (3:00):

(Press here if the picture doesn’t show)

The second (2:50) is about “Himalaya – The Live God”. Though you don’t understand the text (it is, I suppose, in Hindi), you will understand the pictures – giving short impressions of saints and sacred places.

(Press here if the picture doesn’t show)

And here is a short story playing in the Himalayas, by Master EK, from the end of the book “Occult Anatomy”:

“In the Tantra books, it opens like this: Siva and Sakti sit on the high cliffs of the mountains of the Himalayas. Always, it starts like this. There is no one in the vicinity, proximity. They can talk nonsense, they want. (Master said this as a joke, to the laugh of the students). Siva was a bit grim, serious. Sakti looked at Him and smiled. Then Siva smiled, because He is also a male fellow, tempted by female. (Laugh). His smile was captured as reflection in the eyes of the Mother-Goddess. This created the whole world. That means creation came as the solar energy called Siva reflects on the moon and comes down as the Moon’s Light called the smile. Then Siva said, “My darling”, (because there were two fellows. There was no third fellow). He said, “Some people in the creation worship you and get liberation. Some people worship Me and get liberation. So let us divide the worship into two, so that there may not be any disputes. The disciples may be divided into two”. He said these words. So there are two types of devotees. Some are the devotees who worship God as ‘You’ and some others are the devotees who worship God as ‘I AM’. So some people meditate ‘ I AM’ and some people meditate “You are”. So with this conversation, the wonderful fellow Siva started the Creation, when Himself and His darling were lonely. That is how the Tantra books start. So may these two parents bless you in every way, before we meet again and even after. “

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