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Butterfly and Shadow

Some time ago I had the experience of a deep, sublime encounter with someone, where I felt a profound touch with my soul. It was a very uplifting time of a flow of exchange.

Through some strange incidences the exchange was suddenly interrupted, leaving back a strong irritation, overshadowing the fine thread of the soul like with a dark cloud.

Last weekend my wife expressed in a drawing what seemed to have happened: She drew two butterflies, expressing the lightful, uplifting experience, and two angels, symbols of the souls. The sublime seemed to have evoked the uprise of a dark layer in us, with a conglomerate of fear, hurt and deception. My wife visualised it with two phantoms, overshadowing the previous experience in a way that even the reality of it seemed to be annihilated and the memory reversed into a poisoned contrary. The souvenir of it became fearful and full of suspicion.


My wife explained how she, in a similar experience, consciously built up again the contact with the quality the first experience had given, in all purity, and at the same time realising the dark side as the phantom without blocking it out.

This explanation helped me a lot. The knowledge of the mechanism of the phantoms gave a visual understanding of the overshadowing experience. It enabled me to come again into contact with the pristine quality of the sublime experience in me, which the first encounter had conveyed. The experience of the presence of the quality is not a souvenir of the past, but a quality present in me I can restore anytime. I enjoy the subtlety of experience, which is independent of the person and even of the first butterfly experience.

Thus the clouded veil got lifted up and the butterfly is flying again.

A butterfly and its shadow, Planetary Healing Centre, Visakhapatnam, India, 2008

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