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Dancing and Drinking

Yesterday a friend sent a link to a YouTube video about a guerilla dance show (though it is a commercial designed for spreading through the bloggosphere and I now fall prey, it is a very good one). He wrote:

“This happened at Liverpool Metro Station on January 15th, 2009. Everyone went to work in a greatest positive mood afterwards. 70 Dancers mixed up with the commuters that were slowly integrated to the ongoing dance. The show had been rehearsed for 8 weeks without the public knowing. It all for a T-Mobile commercial. “Life’s for Sharing” reads the final motto. If we could only comprehend that Spirituality is all about BEING; not Doing…”

It reminded me of the video on Dancing around the World I blogged about some time ago.

From the video (T-mobile)

Another very nice commercial I got today is Coca Cola Open Happiness.


From the Coke-Spot

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