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Good Work and Keeping Silence

Yesterday morning at 10 o’clock Master Kumar came to see the remaining group members. We sat around him in an easy mood, and he started speaking about Obama and good will work, until our taxi came to take us to the airport, together with our two Belgian group members.

Since our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours, the airline offered us coffee and a snack. So we had enough time to sit together in the airport restaurant and gather our memories of the morning talk. I started writing, the others added their souvenirs into the text. Here is the result of our little group work:

“Obama is planning to do very good work, but it is very difficult to bring good ideas down. It depends on humanity how much good work it can accept. He is a very good man, with good intentions, but now in the Aquarian age, always a team is needed to manifest the good work. If one person stands at the centre, the rest of the team also has to be integrated. With any good work it is important that not much is spoken about it, that it is done in silence. The evil forces are always stronger than the forces of light because they don’t respect borders, and they can come from any direction. There are forces waiting to kill Obama. Also with group activities, there are also always energies trying to block good work, when much is spoken about it. So it is also with the good work we are doing. Better act in silence, not creating envy. When someone is praised because of good work, others always find some bad sides about it.
Some energies on the planet are trying to create irritations. The forces of trouble on the planet are much in the Middle East. In Africa there is also unrest, but people are not yet conscious of it. Now the West says Pakistan is causing problems. But is it really so? Terrorism has not been here some 50 years ago. Why has it started? Why are people ready to sacrifice their lives?
There must be some cause behind, some injustice committed against them, which is difficult to understand. When someone in the group is complaining, we should listen to the problem behind the complaint and try to find a solution. He complains, because he suffers.
It is important to find out why for example terrorists feel so uncomfortable and emotional that they are ready to sacrifice their lives and blow other people up with them. There is always a reason; they must feel their freedom limited. What is the Muslim world lacking of? Islam is a very peace-loving religion.
If there is a conflict, I might have limited somebody else’s freedom. Then I have to overview my behaviour. Or he is projecting his expectations on me; then it is not my turn to respond on them. For example, if I don’t come in the morning and there are people expecting me, I am not responsible of their suffering due to expectation. But if I come at 3 o’clock in the morning and wake everybody up, it is different.
There are conservative forces who want to keep the structures of the past and don’t want to change. When you come to a pilgrimage centre, it is often very rigid and narrow there. A place which was suitable before for a few people, when hundreds and thousands are coming, it is getting narrow. Some change in the structures have to be made. When a new road is being constructed because of more traffic, some gardens might have to be removed, but it is for the common good. The people there are not content about it. It is a very difficult question to see how much sacrifice has to be made by whom for the sake of progress. The one living in a little hut is not necessarily unhappy there. You think he is suffering, but this is from your viewpoint. When you offer him a bigger hut, he might not want it. It is up to the people to decide.
Changes happen, the way people lived 10000 years ago, or 3000 or 2000 years is no longer the way to live today. In older times they did not allow women to work, they should stay at home. They should not be in government. Now they often also need to work, but many traditional people don’t like it.
The coming 3-5 years will be very turbulent, so be prepared for rainy times.”

I asked Sri Kumar, what about speaking / writing about good work. He said, from time to time it is o.k. to do so, but talking too much about it will be causing problems.


Group members leaving the retreat centre to go to the airport

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One Response to “Good Work and Keeping Silence”

  1. Dirk Gysels Says:

    Once again thank you for your sharing.
    Could you elaborate on the 3 – 5 years of turbulent times ahead?
    What can we expect?


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