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Christmas Mood

Yesterday late evening I went into the city of Berne to shoot some Christmas mood photos, here is a part of the series – to give you a feeling of Christmas and shopping romance.

The Christmas tree in front of the office of our village authorities

A Christmas tree at a nearby old people’s home

5-pointed stars over a street in the old town of Berne

A star at the cathedral

The Nutcracker Parade in the window of a shop with traditional arts and crafts from the Erzgebirge, Germany.

The Angel’s reception


Warm snow

Winter scenes from wood work

An angels’ choir

Santa Claus and singing angels

Hark, the herald angels sing…

Oh when the Saints go marching in…

Church-goers in the shop-snow

Riding a carrousel

Buddha’s Christmas

The Food Angels

Teddy Bears driving through the shop

The “Zytglogge” (Time-Clock) Tower with feistive decoration

Only the beautifully decorated huge Christmas tree in front of the Government building, which I wanted to shoot first, was no longer there, just the pedestal and a short rest of a broken trunk: The night before a storm had swept over the country and probably knocked it over…

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