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Consciousness Growing Slower Than Grass

Today my wife and I had a talk on how difficult it sometimes is not to be able to tell a person what one would like to tell him or her. When the person is not ready to listen or doesn’t have an open mind, you come upon an invisible wall, even if there is a cordial relation. Often it is the question of an over-active mind: People are busy with their thoughts and concepts, which keep them tied down into a certain direction. The narrowed focus is shutting them off from other viewpoints, which might bring in a larger perspective.

In spiritual matters I observe this very often: It takes so long, often years, for a right and deep understanding to grow. People are straying at the periphery, not coming to the center, the essence of their being or the path. For many it is very difficult to get into a regular practice, and it seems it is even more difficult to pick up some selfless service activity – not just some goodwill activity, but an intelligent activity done with responsibility over a long time, in cooperation in a team. There are so many obstacles on the way – other interests, the so-called “having no time”-syndrome, which mostly is a missing focus in life. In spirituality there are many who consent, but only few who apply.

At the seminar on the occasion of 25 years of WTT-Global of last week Dr. Kumar mentioned that Master EK made long 4 tours from India to the West in the 70ies (1972-1977) without getting any right contacts. People seemed not to be open enough to assimilate the teachings he wanted to give. He waited 4 more years before taking up again his tours to the West in 1981, and then slowly he met people with whom the work could start.

At the jubilee celebration a book was published, where Dr. Kumar’s (Master KPK) work of group-building over 27 years was outlined. There was a section with the titles of all his lectures – several hundred ! – he gave on most different topics all over the globe during nearly 50 international tours. It gave me a frisson to see the tremendous work and how slowly and steadily it proceeded. It is not a big and quick foam, but a silent, focused persistence.

How long it takes to get people into a rhythm of group work, overcoming the personality barriers! There is a saying by Master Morya that consciousness grows slower than grass.

Candles at the seminar in the form of white lotuses – symbols of unfoldment and purity

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