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Healing with Sounds

A Spanish friend, a doctor I met at the seminar, told me he and his wife would go in November to a conference in Santa Fee, New Mexico, the “Third International Sound Healing Conference“. They are advertising the conference with the following words: “Come and join the leading-edge researchers, practitioners, scientists, composers, musicians and recording artists in the fascinating and fast-growing fields of sound healing, vibrational medicine, music therapy and body/mind/brain/spirit research.”… It is a small world: The conference is in the same hotel, the La Fonda where I was at an esoteric conference 13 years ago…

Working with sound is most important in spiritual healing. There is an interesting book by K. Parvathi Kumar on “Sound – The Key and its Application“, and even an online edition of the book. There is also a good caption on healing with sound in his book “On Healing“.

Healing through sounds: My wife and a friend playing last Sunday at the seminar in Engelberg, giving joy to the group

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