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Trends of Global Coherence

I got several mails with links to websites fostering global cooperation through subjective meditational work:

One is the “Global Coherence Project“, which “is designed to help individuals and groups work together, synchronistically and strategically to increase the impact of their efforts to create positive global change.” The project “offers education and technology on how to increase individual heart coherence. As groups of people in the Global Coherence community intentionally send coherent love and care to the world, a more powerful heart-filled environment is created.” They want to scientifically observe changes in the earth’s magnetic field and test the hypothesis that the earth’s field is affected by mass human emotion, positive or negative. For this they want to use a method they call The Global Coherence Monitoring System.

Another effort along similar lines is “The Intention Experiment“. They say: “The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far. …” They do a Peace Intention Experiment: “September 14, 2008 will see the first in a series of Peace Intention Experiments testing the power of group intention to lower violence in areas around the world. This could be the largest scientific study in history, with hundreds of thousands of participants sending an intention for peace under highly controlled scientific conditions.”
You can join the experiment, if you like.

A third initiative is “The Orion Project” for “developing clean energy solutions to empower the 21st century.” They want “to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and Enlightened Abundance.” One of their “goals is to support the research and development of new energy generation systems to benefit the environment, alleviate world poverty and decrease dependence on all forms of fossil fuels.” There are a lot of links and calls for donations (energy-input). The intentions  are certainly going into a good direction, while the output still seems to be vague.

The latest newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community, who are dedicated to supporting the UN from a spiritual side mentions: “Increasingly, voices such as that of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal are seeking to establish a supportive global environment wherein “individual rights, states rights, and international rights must be seen as an indivisible and dynamic unity” and “not as a source of polarization and conflict. … Gradually, and seemingly ever so slowly, humanity’s new habits of enlightened self-interest, cooperation and human solidarity based on recognition of the interconnectedness of all life are becoming the compelling directives of our day.”

A globe of white roses, from a flower-exposition in Berne, May 08

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