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Wandering Through the Spheres

Yesterday evening we had a visit from a woman of our village. She had seen the announcement of our public evening theme in April, but didn’t have time to come. Later she contacted me via e-mail, subscribed to the newsletter and we invited her to come once for a visit.

She is a very intuitive person who has been working for years with Feng shui and space cleaning, counseling people. She feels especially attracted to working with the symbolism of water, inside and outside, and water has a great purifying quality.

However, my wife and I noted afterwards that it took us a while in the talk to find “the common ground”. Her approach to spirituality and the one we are used to seemed to be quite different, though the topics near. When my wife and I reflected about what was the reason, we saw that somehow in the course of the years we have become in a way “sober” and down-to-earth as per dealing with subtle energies. They don’t have anymore the quality of a “magic wand” of sudden transformation (or at least normally). We have experienced that a lot of reflection on knowledge and understanding helps in deepening the knowledge. It is somehow no more of the child-like spontaneity and immediacy. It was fascinating to see that immediacy in the way this woman was dealing with the subtle world, in a sincere way, not like man esotericists do, though moving in the same field.

My wife and I also have a deep conviction coming out of our experience that to delve into deeper realms a guide and teacher is of utmost importance. This woman was wandering through the spheres on her own, and she didn’t even seem to feel any need for a guide, at least an outer one. She feels everything is coming to her just like this, and this gave her a fascinating simple-heartedness and naiveté. I thought, it’s not easy to come back to this “childhood paradise”, though she wasn’t young. After a long way back, you also might come to this home of simplicity, oneness and unity, behind the many conceptions of thought. It is a feeling like being at home.

Stairs in Spain, with flowerpots. July 08

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