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OneGeology – A New Geological Map of the World

Scientists from 79 countries have just published the first geological map of the world, “Making Geological Map Data for the Earth Accessible”. (The technology still has some difficulties and the application doesn’t support the latest Firefux 3, only 2 and IE 6 and 7).

The site will officially be presented tomorrow in Oslo at the 33rd International Geological Congress. It is the first online map of this kind, and it is the biggest geological mapping project with data from more than 15’000 geo-scientists. They hope more will join, for the countries involved cover about 70% of earth’s surface, but from many countries the information isn’t easily accessible and of the latest quality.

The information they want to provide isn’t visible from space like those pictures Google Maps shows, but of the different kinds of stones or the shiftings in the crust of the earth. Especially in these times of climate changes a sound knowledge of greater interrelationship is highly needed. So the map should help preventing risks like floods or landslides and easily transfer the knowledge to those who need it.

One Geology shows the earth without any political boundaries, like one earth, for geology doesn’t know boundaries. So it helps gaining an understanding of the greater whole.

It would be very interesting if one day a map could be created  not of the stone structures, but of the major field or levels of consciousness. It could be measured by the kind of content published on the web, for these reflect the mental activites though not of all, but of great groups of human beings. So the map could show how many sites show content belonging to the lower strata of attention (of the physical and emotional realm, like sexual or criminal activities), of the different kinds of entertainment and daydreaming, of the activities driven by possessive instincts of gaining money and power, of humanitarian commitment and of selfless intelligent services for the upliftment of humanity. It would be quite a multi-coloured map of the consciousness of the world.

A view of the world created by NASA photos ©.

A map of central Europe with the major geological formations, by One Geology ©.

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