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Beauty of India

Some days ago an American friend sent me a beautiful powerpoint presentation about India. It contains a deluge of overwhelming facts about ancient India being the cradle of knowledge and wisdom. The presentation also shows similarities between Greek and Biblical myths, pictures of different landscapes and of the deities of India, basics of Indian (Vedic) spirituality and more. I have transformed it into a PDF for an easy view – though it doesn’t contain neither the beautiful music nor the animation of the powerpoint.

Today I also came across a YouTube site of a Dr. Ramkumar with a number of videos about Shiva, Vishnu or Krishna, mantrams (like Purusha Suktam), illustrated with pictures of deities, with music, or a film about a visit to a sacred cave in the Himalayas. Enjoy.

A statue of Siva Nataraja near Sri Sailam, India, January 07

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