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August 8, 2008

My spiritual teacher, Dr. K. P. Kumar, sent me a CC of an e-mail exchange with a group member. The question was:

“Next August 8, 2008, some groups are saying that some gates will open (8-8-8).  Is there some truth to that ?”

He answered: “It is true that the human calendar is valid for the humans in the thought plane. We may therefore dedicate the day to invoke the colour of Blue. And meditate upon the Bliss of Existence.”

I liked the answer: Neither did he enter into the bustle of esoteric speculation nor did he deny the underlying urge for spiritual upliftment, but directed the attention to spiritual aspiration. This is always of importance.

Flower blossoming in the botanic garden of near Palafrugell, Spain – a symbol for spiritual upliftment

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