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Spiritual Experiences

After a turbulent week at my office – leaving no time for blogging – we rushed up through Germany on Friday for another seminar with our spiritual teacher, Dr. K. P. Kumar. The location was a beautiful seminar centre of a chemical enterprise about 40 km from Cologne, surrounded by forests. At that place we met Sri Kumar for the first time 11 years ago. About 120 persons had come mainly from Germany, but also from Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and India. Again there was the hearty welcome of the group members, like a “family meeting”, only much more cordial.

The seminar was about Summer Solstice and Meditation, and the lectures were filled with deep wisdom teachings interspersed with lively stories. Here is a short extract from my seminar notes:

“We should try to understand such times like solstices, new moon or full moon, the weekend, the dusk and the dawn. These are times for absorption into a state where there is the communion of the spirit and the matter, which we are. We are an optimum combination of spirit and matter. And the soul experiencing is through such combination. Spirit by itself IS, it has no experience. To experience it, you have to be out of it. A chocolate is not chocolate to itself, it cannot experience itself, it has to have some other to experience. So what emerges out of spirit can experience spirit. What emerges out of spirit only can experience spirit. We wrongly call it spiritual experience. Experience is not that of the spirit, it is experience of THAT as THAT, which we call spiritual experience.”

The main building of the seminar centre in the early morning hours at summer solstice last Saturday. The air was filled with a beautiful light of dawn.

Fire ritual in the early morning on solstice day

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  1. Phani Mitra Says:

    You are really lucky to listen to Master KPK and understand the subtle truths from such proximity. I had read a lot of books of his, but I am still to be blessed to meet him in person. Really active blog, keep the good work going!

    Phani Mitra

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