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Rhythm – A Red Rag?

Yesterday evening we had another of our public evening themes meeting on Basics of Spiritual Life. Already beforehand some friends told us that this evening they won’t have time. So just a few stalwarts came. There was an elderly, distinguished Dutchman, whose curiosity had been attracted by the announcement in the newspaper. He asked some questions and followed with attention.

The topic of my talk was “Routine, Rhythm, Ritual” – you can find the English powerpoint presentation here, or if you prefer a PDF without animation, it’s here.

Rhythm is a red rag for some. A friend first said to my wife, she wouldn’t come, for she didn’t want to get a headache hearing about rhythm and feeling that she doesn’t get into it. She nevertheless came. Afterwards she said she was happy that she changed her mind, for the topic was quite different from what she expected, and she felt inspired.

Indeed, sticking to a self-chosen rhythm isn’t easy for many. Most people don’t organize well their day-to-day lives, they let themselves guide by the outside. The outer life generates so many programs for engagements which drive us away from the inner life.

However, rhythmical living gives you energy, and rhythm in spiritual exercises causes inner transformation.

When we try to take up a new rhythm, we much more often fail than succeed, because the power of the old rhythm opposes us. The ability to follow our own decisions is frequently tested. That’s very normal, and there is no reason to be worried about it. The impulse for change comes from the inner, without an outer compulsion. Nobody can do the rhythm for you.

A violet flower expressing the 7th ray of order, rhythm and ritual. Photo taken in the botanical garden of the Elfenau, 2008.

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