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CharityFocus – An Innovative Volunteer Initiative

Through a link on the Kalliopeia site I found, an innovative volunteer initiative:

“CharityFocus is an experiment in the joy of giving. Our services enable inspired people to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them. Together, we hope to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’.”

The organisation is fully volunteer-run. they aim to “act in concert to create service opportunities for each other and to support each other’s service journeys.”

They have some very interesting service approaches:

  • They provide technical help for small nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to develop a web-presence.
  • They inspire people to create inspiring content, such as writing success stories of nonprofit organisations, creating videos about something uplifting, providing photos for good stories, writing songs or realising some kind of art to make the world a better place.
  • They motivate people to do acts of kindness or make somebody smile (they have created Smile Cards…)
  • They guide people to set up local event activities, either alone or in partnership with other NPOs.

In order to help other service related NPOs to realise websites themselves, they have developed CFSites, an instrument to help the nonprofits to get on the web more quickly.

They have collectively designed hundreds of free websites for nonprofits and allowed some thousand sites to be created with their CFSites tool.

The CharityFocus project clearly shows that intelligent service is more than just a good intention, but requires skills and group work. Then you do efficient good will work with an attitude of professional quality, with a dedicated focus.

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