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Overcoming Boundaries

Last Friday I got the notice from the Swiss Federal Office of Migration that I was granted Swiss citizenship. I had applied for it last September, when I read that Germany now allows double citizenship with members from EU countries and Switzerland. Since my wife is Swiss, I didn’t have to go through all the paraphernalia of the normal process.

Somehow this system of national states and their identities impregnating the way of thinking and feeling always remains something mysterious for me, and it was so already when during my studies I was going through political philosophy.

On the rational side I understand these mechanism of creating and protecting a national individuality, with its multiple regulation systems of in- and exclusion.

On the side of feeling I find it strange how borders circumscribe parts and parcels of the earth, defining mine, thine, ours, yours, on the micro and macro level. And then all this game of natives and foreigners, friends and foes, influencing others territories by way of manipulation (via economical, religious or power pressure).

Of course when passing a border you often sense that there is another flavour, another tone or way of interchanging. And this gets even much more accentuated with another language, another writing system …

On the plane of the soul you get away from all these definitions and limitations, like “I am a Swiss / A German / a European / American”, or “I am a teacher / a student”, “I am a husband / wife”, even “I am a man / a woman”. The soul knows no such delimitations, it is “I am”, or even “THAT” – “That I am” – existence expressing itself as consciousness, with a mind, wrapping up into a body.

And so all this cascade of localizations and limitations goes on. Keeping the limitless background of existence in your awareness through a meditative re-connection helps staying aloof and not getting stuck in some ideological imprisonment.

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