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Meditational Networking Initiative

Two weeks ago our spiritual teacher, K. Parvathi Kumar, started a meditation network initiative in the groups called “Networking The Global Diamond Temple for Social Justice” (since yesterday the program and structure are online): The plan of a triangle network was conceived by Master DK, and it started after the Second World War as an inner work. Now this initiative is a continuation of the work, but with a new accent.

The idea is to see that social justice, as conceived by the Masters of Wisdom, is brought nearer to the minds of those who are in the governments through prayers and meditation. Justice from this standpoint is to find a common point where the seeming oppositions merge – neither extreme capitalism nor extreme communism or any “ism” of extremity. Through the meditational work we try to work to supply more light. The light knows where to go and what to do. So this way we are not taking sides and not directly getting into the politics of the governments, but stay away to bring nearer the social justice, to see how to include the welfare of all.

Three members residing in a nation form a triangle. The chosen triangle members will conduct the temple building meditation at 6 AM on Sundays, thus building a Diamond Temple. They are integrating nationally to constitute a national Diamond Temple, then such temple is visualised to integrate with the temple visualized for a continent and the continental temples are visualized to form a Global Diamond Temple. It is offered by the networking groups as a humble contribution to the Masters of Wisdom for their appropriate utilisation to inspire the global, continental and national governments with a view to manifest the plan of social justice.

People might be sceptical about such work and its effect. Of course everybody is free to join or not, and mental scepticism is a sure block-off.

It is my experience that there are few who join, for it requires an understanding beyond intellectual taking note, and also quite a commitment of inner determination. I like such meditational work together with friends, and I am sure that the power of combined focus of beneficial attention has a tremendous influence and is an effective work of good will.


2 Responses to “Meditational Networking Initiative”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hi, I am very interested in purchasing this graphic image for a project. Do you know who owns the image as I do not want to breach copyright?
    Thanks & kind regards. Marie

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Hello Marie
    I don’t think that it can be used for other purposes. It is used for the initiative of “Networking The Global Diamond Temple for Social Justice” of the World Teacher Trust (WTT), of which we are a part.

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