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A Modern Cave

On the way back from the Borra Caves and Anathagiri Hill, we stopped in a little forest, where there was a railway station a bit deeper down the valley. We left the bus and went to the railways. A train was standing there near a tunnel. We heard from our Indian friends that some terrorists had just taken away part of the rails, so that the tourists coming by train had to stop here and take a bus to go to the Borra Caves. On the uphill ride I saw everywhere along the road signs of the communist party with hammer, sickle and pentagram and slogans in Telugu language.

Our friends guided the group into the tunnel until it was totally dark, and then we went out again: It seems that there are only few tunnels there, and that it is some kind of an attraction. We had to laugh – back home in Switzerland, you find tunnels everywhere.

Entering an Indian railway tunnel – a modern kind of a cave.

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