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Technology and Ambiance

Technology has become an unquestioned part of the ceremonies here: Cameramen build up their tripods plus big cameras directly in front of the dais, while the jumble of cables is running along the floors. Of course, since years big loudspeakers belong to the necessary equipment to transport the voice through space. Here you partly see very old-fashioned loud-speakers. But now also the latest beamer technology with screens is helping to transport the view to the rear lines, and on a side-table there are laptops for registration and online-transmission of the functions and the lectures from this remote village to groups in other parts of the country. They asked me if we should give also access to the Western groups, since the main language used here is Telugu, I said it wouldn’t be of much use.

Here, though we don’t understand what is being said, it is very fascinating to participate: The ambiance is very uplifting, and hearing the melodious flow of the voices and being in this serene atmosphere lets the mind “chill out” and get into subtler planes. A deep inner rest settles, and even occasionally falling asleep helps increasing the experience.

Trying to capture the thrill of the spiritually charged ambiance

Cameramen in front of the dais during a talk of Sri Kumar

Small and big photographing the fire ritual…

… while others are registering the sound, sitting in front of a canvas with a waterfall

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