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The Inner Broom Cupboard

I sometimes get mails from friends about astonishing things, situations or information. Generally I try to verify them via a web-search before considering them, and some of the stories turn out to be fakes. There are also stories coming which sound phantastic, and people seem to be attracked by them. I try to keep neutral towards them and don’t go into any details, for mostly I don’t see any relevancy for me. I could take them as true or as fairy tales or a rumour of “urban legends“. One such story came to me yesterday, about the “Children of Winter“, by Sorcha Faal – see also her blog.

Normally when I come across such stories / information, I put them inwardly into a “broom cupboard”, where they can stay without disturbing. I don’t need to judge pro or con, I can just leave them there. I might also take them out later when needed. I also use the cupboard when I come across seemingly opposing doctrines in systems of wisdom teachings.

This inner cupboard is very practical: It helps you to keep in good humour and to stay open-minded, without getting drawn into any queer things and theories going against a good sense of discrimination.

Bird in Bhutan, being carefull and discriminative with the cactus

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