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Fire of Fascination

I today met for lunch an old acquaintance, a counselor and supervisor, with whom I had been working over more than a decade and for whom I have great esteem. Two years ago he had “retired” from most of his assignments and focused on what he wanted to do in the remaining years.

There was a crisis of re-orientation, unless “by chance” he and his wife, a healing practitioner, had come across Cluster Medicine and Cluster Logic. (“ClusterMedicine – that is a method aiming at knowing the causes of both physical and psychic disorders that are standing behind the obvious symptoms and accordingly giving special therapeutic impulses. / ClusterLogics- that is a method aiming at knowing mental, social and emotional weaknesses and accordingly giving exact and strategic impulses.”, from the website).

It was for him an opening of a new dimension and a continuation of his search for development of his instruments. He has very good counseling skills and it was fascinating for me to see his enthousiasm for the application of the new approaches he is learning. Even though the body is growing older, his mind is radiant.

Fire at the end of a ritual in India, January 2006

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  1. kirthi Says:

    i was blog hopping when i happened to stop by! i liked the pictures… esp the ‘Buddha’ and all your posts are very beautifully worded!

  2. J V L N RAJU Says:

    I am interested in photography . i have some photographs which are related to your topics , if want to publish I will submit — thank u

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