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A Child Appealing to the UN to Save the Future

I just got a from a Californian friend a link to a fascinating videotape with Portuguese subtitles of a child eloquently appealing to adults, delegates of the United Nations Environmental Conference to act upon what we teach children in kindergarten: to share, to clean up our mess, to care about others. My friend wrote:

“Three 12/13 year old children have dared to form an environmental children’s organization to be the change they hope to see in the world. Looking into children’s eyes and seeing 7 generations hence we can re-examine our values today, and change our habits. As Marshall Rosenberg observed, things we do habitually are not necessarily natural. We sometimes assume that and confuse the two.”


“Losing my future is not like losing an election or a few points on the stock market.”

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  1. Dinu Says:

    The important message of conservation of the environment must find itself reaching the masses in a more emphasized manner and probably done more frequently. The natural tendency to wake up at the eleventh hour will not help: it will be too late. We have to do well before “the sixth or seventh hour itself” and we are already crossing it too. It’s time to act fast and realize there is only one Earth. Let’s not sleep till the eleventh hour. We have to give the next generation a clean world to live in.

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