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Talks and Crystals (1)

Last weekend my wife and I were visiting friends who live in a small village in Alsace, France, at the feet of the Vosges Mountains. She is a healing practitioner, he is a psychologist, and both are since long years on the spiritual path. He is dealing with crystals as a hobby.

Entering the courtyard of the old, but beautifully renovated farmhouse you see a big quartz crystal standing in the centre, and another, huge amethyst is lying a bit aside and radiating its violet light in the sun. A haven of peace, where in the garden a Buddha statue is meditating under an old tree.


We had some inspiring talks, and both were telling a few stories of encounters with their spiritual teachers. I’d like to give some of these in the following 2 blog-posts.

I wondered how my friend gets these beautiful crystals – and there were quite many more inside. He told me that in the course of the years he has created contacts with different mines and crystal dealers world-wide. They have visited several mines in North and South America and have travelled through India, from where they have exquisite statues and lingams (oval-shaped stones used for rituals worshipping the creative force of the universe).

When somebody wants to buy a special crystal of a certain size, he rings up his contact persons and they send him photographs of crystals at disposal. Then they get shipped over to Europe.

Each crystal radiates a special quality. These transparent stones represent the advanced states of man’s consciousness: When he has gone through processes of inner purification, he starts reflecting the light of the inner sun. Maybe that’s the reason why we are so much fascinated by these gifts of nature.


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