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Inner Abysses or Regaining One’s Inner Fountain

We had contacts with situations with persons exhibiting an outer facade of nice guys. Behind there were inner abysses, aggravated through the use of drugs. Here is not the place to go into details, but these situations showed once again: If your “pursuit of happiness” goes against laws of nature, the “ropes of life” are inevitably tightening you down. On the “downward slope” your understanding gets obscured and your discrimination twisted. Restlessness keeps you busy and obstacles after obstacles heap up on the path, holding you away from your inner self. No way to escape.

Nature isn’t gingerly in its teaching methods. It is “bent or break”. Either you learn or the suffering increases. Fear, pain, ill health, conflicts in the surrounding life are just some of the methods used.

The experiene is, the will to right action has to awaken, and before that the readiness to learn what is right. When this good will is still in an infant stage and vacillating, the help of a friend, a guide is inevitable. On the upward path, this guide giving guide-lines is necessary. He is somehow an outer “substitute” of your own self and will. However, he should never infringe upon your own will, but only help to strengthen it. This way the path to one’s own “inner fountain” can slowly be regained.

Finding one’s inner fountain

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