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An Inspiration for Striving: Steve Jobs talks to Stanford Graduates

Here is a fascinating video from YouTube of a talk of Steve Jobs from Apple to graduates of Stanford University. It just came to me via an e-mail sent by a friend, though Steve Jobs gave the talk already on June 12, 2005. He is speaking about his biography, his way he met with failures, love and death. He never graduated from university, dropped from college, met with great crises, when he was fired from Apple, the enterprise he founded, was confronted with cancer.

He learned many things like calligraphy (beautiful writing) which revealed only many years later what they meant in his life. He was following his intuition and fascination and came out of great transformation processes:
“Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions make you decide”, he told the students, “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

A beautiful inspiration for openness towards life and striving.


Here you find a transcript of his talk.

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