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Revising First Impressions

The last days I had several experiences in e-mail conversations where the first impression I got from a situation modified with further clarification. My impulse to react on the first impression was not wrong, but only showed a partial aspect. The answers I got enlarged the picture and made me put things into another order or context.

I cannot go into details because of the nature of the topics, just in one case where I wrote a blogpost on “A Case of Spiritual Confusion“.

Yesterday the person “skyped” me again, and when talking to him he turned out to be a seeker who had had some times ago certain psychic experiences and who is on the way of working out his path. He thought of himself as an advanced person, after 5 years of search, though it seemed to me it was still in its infancy. He reminded me of my erroneous searching some 20, 30 years ago. I still feel myself very much a beginner, having to learn a lot.
He was quite open, reflective and trying to overcome traditional ideologies through his own way of understanding. These are promising qualities with the potential of a good growth.


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