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Etheric Existence – A Contradiction to Science?

In the March issue the NZZ Folio magazine reported about an experiment of Albert Michelson, a Polish-born German-American physicist, who received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1907. The article said that he did “the most successful” failure experiment in the history of science by trying to prove the existence of ether.

He thought that the earth moves through space in ether, and thus he wanted to show the existence of ether by measuring the adverse “winds” of its substance. However, the light rays which he projected through an “interference refractometer” always travelled with the same speed, always with the famous speed of 300 000 km/s. He did not want to accept that the consequence of this result would mean, in the eyes of science: Ether is not existing.

Later, in 1905, Einstein explained this paradox of light with his relativity theory: That the speed of light is always constant and that time passes-by differently with observers travelling with different speed. So the article resumed that for physicists ether was proven non-existing, but the writer ended stating that up to now however, it cannot be explained how a wave can expand in “nothingness”.

I had to smile a bit about this “nothingness” where the light-wave passes through and the so-called “non-existence” of ether. As you can read in the Lunar Messenger on “Space and Consciousness“, that from a spiritual viewpoint there is nothing such as empty space. When manifest, space is dynamic, pulsating, full of subtle structures. Eastern wisdom calls it Akasha, the content or consciousness of space, unfolding through many planes of etheric substance.
And in the Lunar Messenger on “Etheric Existence and Good Will” there is explained: “We live in the ether and are penetrated by it, like a tumbler lying in a big tank: The water is as well in the tank as in the glass, it isn’t locked up in it like in a bottle. We are in contact with the other etheric bodies, it is one ether penetrating all layers. The earth, the sun and the planets float in this big etheric ocean and move along its lines of force because of the movements of this ether. Just like the lines of force of a big magnet control smaller magnets, the ether of our planet arranges and regulates the etheric currents of its living beings and works on them.”

A contradiction to science? Not at all. The wisdom teachings explain that ether, the basis of all formations, precedes the dense forms. So you cannot “prove” its existence with physical means, but with the development of etheric view. Try to see not only the physical flower, but the vital form, or look into the eyes of a vital, living person, then you come closer to the etheric existence.


Withered flowers losing their etheric or vital energy

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