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“Earthlings” – Dealing with Animals

This morning a friend mailed me a link to a video on Google France entitled Earthlings (with French sub-titles). The film shows how animals serve mankind and how man is dealing with animals. The entry to the film says: “The images you are about to see are not isolated cases. These are the Industry Standard for animals bred as pets, food, clothing, for entertainment and research. Viewer discretion is advised.” And a comment besides the film says in French that the documentary is not recommended for children under 16 years or for sensitive souls.


I had a look into the 1.36 h film, which left quite an impact. The speaker brought a quote which summarises the message: “We need a wiser, more comprehensive and maybe a more mystical concept of animals.”

For this topic see also the blogpost on “Vegetarianism – A Contribution to Fighting Climate Change“.

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